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the princesses of the famille..

I ended up not going to borders eric bailed on, I called rach and she told me to come hang with her and luke. We were messing around with my tape recorder. OMG! It's totally hilarious. we were singing feliz navidad. *ahaha* She dyed her hair really dark too so we really look like sisters. You really can't tell in the pictures but everyone thinks we are sisters. Well, we should look like eachother we are cousins but..yeah. She has a damien boy to her name now. *ahaha* she met him at a game or something. matt and ray, her cousins on her mom's side, are pretty darn kute.

Welp, it's off to eric's tomorrow morning and then my gram is gonna pick me up on sunday morning from eric's and we are heading to the mountains to see my famille. =]

I had a goodtime today. I can't wait to go to las vegas with rach.

I'm mildly sleepy *yawn*
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