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dare! ..okay, go slap that guy's ass...o0p, he's gay.." *lol*

eric and angel

*lol* my friends always look so happy, eh?

Eric's was fantabulous! *hehe* I got to his house yesterday morning we hung out until the afternoon. Then, we went to the movies we saw white was okay. We walked around this little shopping center.

eric: does it look okay?
me: yeah, your eyes look purrdy
me: well, everyone's eyes look purrrdy with eye liner..

Got bored, went back to his house, hung out some more. Went to starbucks. Got movies. We rented enough and the craft. Enough was a pretty good movie..we were too tired to watch the craft..oh well, we've seen that movie at least 20x. We argued about going to sleep..@ 3:00a

eric: you wanna go to sleep?
me: do you?
eric: do you?
me: do you?
eric: don't turn around the question!
me: huh? *drowsy glare*
eric: wanna go nightnight?
me: do you?
eric: do you?

me: do you?


eric: nah..

me: you do..i know..

eric: well, do you?

*lol* finally..we did. Then, he woke me up at 8:00a..we got dressed went to coco's had breakfast..then, to starbucks. angel came over to starbucks..then we all went to eric's..angel is seXy! *haha* he is! for some reason i dig him mucho! *lol* [[this is the 5th weekend in a row that i've hung w/him]]..then my gram picked me up we went to the mountains and hung out with la famille. Sean is so precious!! *sigh*! seriously. He giggles and smiles so much. *hehe* =D Then, we drove back down i got really sick..and here I am...hello!

and i'm talkin' to mr. steve..

*happy days*

no doubt, hot hair, starbucks=dancing

history time!
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