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i wanna shoot up..

how would you commit suicide?

I feel so much anger and resentment towards my mother right now. I so want to just go out right now and get plastered and fucked up. I feel sorta irritated with conflicting views I have with a friend. Why do people have to get so jezebel?! They have to be angels here because up there it will be perfect, or whatever. I would feel really bad if nothing they believed in exsisted, how sad. People spend there whole life working towards this imaginary goal. And it is imaginary...I could understand if we lived back in the bible days where all the shit went down but now everyone just goes by what's in some book that supposed to be what to live by. ...???... this might seem weird but, WHAT IF ITS ALL BULL? *rolls eyes* anyone who is straight edge, i don't care if you are religious, shouldn't be looking down on people who aren't and visa versa. I don't know. Yeah, smoking can kill you..but, so can eating too much cheese..clog up those arteries but go ahead its not like you know what your doing. I don't even give a fuck. I'm just pissed at my home situation. DRUGS! i need drugs and dick!
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