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xso over thisx: sounds fantabulous
Trisinary: lol
Trisinary: who we inviting?
Trisinary: just me and u?
Trisinary: or others
xso over thisx: whatever..just no one that will steal the spotlight
Trisinary: lol
xso over thisx: ;]
Trisinary: what spotlight?
Trisinary: lol
Trisinary: i want a spotlight
Trisinary: then i could really be god
xso over thisx: *lol*
Trisinary: and i could damn people to hell for no apparent reason
xso over thisx: :-D what a job

he has this way of making me sparkle instantly..*he is my sunshine*[[along with dave]] =] he probably wouldn't like that name *hah*
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