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i'm looking to the sky to save me

ha. *mister* called to see if i was hungry or if needed anything..I was tempted to be bad and pretend to be hungry so that he would come over without my mom being home. *lol* eric would've been very proud. okay, this is getting weird but scandalous. I wonder if my mom called him? hmm. *hahaha* ;]

XcomaXtoastX: how have you been?

xso over thisx: i got my license yesterday
XcomaXtoastX: congrats
XcomaXtoastX: :-)
xso over thisx: thanks luv
XcomaXtoastX: *applause*
XcomaXtoastX: *cheering*
xso over thisx: *lol*
xso over thisx: *bows bows*
xso over thisx: *blows kisses*
XcomaXtoastX: *happy gestures of congradulations*
XcomaXtoastX: heh
xso over thisx: i would have called you but my ego and pride were just too blown up these past weeks
XcomaXtoastX: hahaha
XcomaXtoastX: sweet
XcomaXtoastX: will you be on tommorrow?
xso over thisx: probably
XcomaXtoastX: cuz i gotta go
XcomaXtoastX: iight?
xso over thisx: kaykay, ttyl :-)
XcomaXtoastX: peace out my nizzle

I want it to be saturday morning because then I would be happy that I'm doing something semi-fun.

alrighty, i should be off..I gotzta be readin'..
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